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Benefits for a Retailer

Many customers worldwide would prefer to send their families basic essentials like rice or onion insteed of money. That way they ensure the basic needs are well covered. This is specially useful when there's no control over how the money is finally spent. That′s not only a benefit for the worker and for the family who receive the food but also for stores like yours. The biggest is the demmand of basic foods, the biggest is your revenue. But how this process can work worldwide?


No credit card is required. It will take you 2 minutes to submit here your store data & prices and then we will be able to promote your products worldwide.


Baluwo validate and promote the better stores of your the location so customers can choose their closest and best option anytime, anywhere they are.


The receivers will pick up the food from your store and will provide you with the pin code that you will easily convert into cash in real-time in your back account or at Trust Bank or Bayba.

You can choose your payment method

Trust Bank Ltd. Bayba Money Transfer


More on how to operate

How to operate with SMS food delivery?

  1. Once you are registered, we promote your products worldwide.
  2. For every sale of your products, you will receive a SMS containing the details of the purchase and the details of the receiver.
  3. Then the receiver will come to your store to pick up the delivery with a code that we sent to his/her phone.
  4. You will validate the code by sending a SMS to a specific phone number.
  5. We will reply to you confirming the validity of the pin code and confirming that your money is available for pick up at any Trust Bank Ltd. or Bayba Financial Services throughout The Gambia.
  6. Note that if you had chosen to be paid via your bank account, the money will be available in your account instantly after the pin code is validated.

How to easily register with Baluwo?

  1. To register as a retailer in Baluwo you must access this form.
  2. When you are there you must first submit your phone number so we can send you a code to validate it.
  3. Don′t leave the destination page because you must submit the code that we sent to you by SMS.
  4. Once the phone is validated you will fill in the details like your full name, tax identification number, location, etc.
  5. Finally you will accept terms and conditions by submitting the form. That's all!
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