Why do call shops now sell food, prepaid electricity and mobile top up with Baluwo?

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Multiply your benefits

Use your call shop to sell food, building materials, prepaid electricity or mobile top up and start earning more from each transaction. Sending money is not always the best idea, especially when the sender does not have full control over how it is spent. So, many pay for essentials directly, such as rice, electricity or mobile top up. This way, Baluwo guarantees that their familes are always provided for.


If you really want to improve the benefits for you when sending money, start filling in the following registration form. It will take you 2 minutes to submit your details and then you will be able to start using Baluwo for free and start earning more from each transaction for food, prepaid electricity or mobile top-up that you initiate from your call shop.


Sending money is not very profitable for your customers either. The number of people working away from home is still rising and they are constantly looking for better ways to help their families. The more you promote using Baluwo to your store’s customers, the greater the benefits will be for your customers and, of course, for your call shop.


Your customer’s family receives a code to use at the local store or top up the electricity meter or mobile in real time, at very low cost. That way, we ensure they have the credit when they need it. Having their families covered makes customers more likely to return to Baluwo. Why not start using it?
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More on how to operate

How to send food, prepaid electricity or mobile top-up using Baluwo from your call shop

  1. Once you are registered, you will be able to promote Baluwo at your call shop and use it for free on your customers′ behalf.
  2. Your customer′s family receives a code for each transaction that they will take to the nearest store, enter into its electricity meter or phone account. At the same time, you will receive confirmation of the outcome in real time.
  3. You will earn money immediately on each purchase, with a higher commission than with money transfers.

How to easily register with Baluwo

  1. To register as a retailer with Baluwo you must access this form.
  2. When you are there you must first submit your phone number to which we can send a validation code.
  3. Do not leave the destination page because you must use it to submit the code we will have sent to you by text message.
  4. Once the phone number is validated you will be able to enter your store′s details, full name, tax identification number, location, etc.
  5. Finally you will accept terms and conditions by submitting the form. That′s it!
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What our users say

Lamin Hydara (Coventry, UK)

Use cases of Baluwo

′Baluwo provides my family in Brikama with rice, sugar and oil each month. It also helps me to control electricity prepayments from the Call Shop, since Baluwo manages the purchase directly from my balance. It was actually really hard to control this before.′

Alieu Baldeh (Almeria, Spain)

Use cases of Baluwo

′Now that my village, Garawoll, is covered by Baluwo, my mind is at ease knowing that my family will not run short of food in the middle of the month. When she needs something, my wife receives a Baluwo PIN directly on her telephone that she can use at a nearby shop to collect food. ′

Kutubo Kamara (Hamburg, Germany)

Use cases of Baluwo

′I′m so glad that Baluwo is now also available in Call Shops. I use it every time my wife has no power or mobile minutes, and also to buy food that she can collect soon after. It’s really quick. Sending money home was really difficult because of all the paperwork required by anti-money laundering laws and the exorbitant transfer fees usually charged. But Baluwo is very different.′

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