Baluwo: Buying basic essentials has never been so easy

Buying basic essentials has never been so easy

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Sending money is not always the best solution

Do you want to have more control over your family′s potential needs and save money by buying directly from local stores in The Gambia?

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How it works for a family

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Sending money is not always the best solution. We provide solutions to make electronic commerce for basic essentials easier in countries like The Gambia and Senegal. Anyone with a Baluwo account can now buy rice, energy or mobile top up and request that it be supplied in real time in their country of origin.

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Choose the prepaid electricity, mobile top up or food you want to buy

Baluwo has created a network where small food stores, telecommunications companies and large utilities can enjoy its benefits. Its services are now requested from countries in which they can be paid, no matter how far away the customer is! Also, families can ensure they are spending their money on the services most suitable for them, so that they don′t reach the end of the month without having paid for essentials. A mobile phone is all that businesses, customers and their families need - this makes the service much easier to use anytime, anywhere.

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The selected supplies have been sent in real time

You won’t need to worry anymore about making sure that the money you send is used in an appropriate way. This solution makes life easier for people forced to live apart from their loved ones, but also helps small businesses in emerging countries to sell more and more often. So we encourage anyone who may be interested to contact us and start benefiting from the service as soon as possible. We will be happy to hear from you!

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What our users say

Lamin Hydara (Coventry, UK)

How to use Baluwo to pre-pay basic essentials in Africa

′I use Baluwo to provide my family in Brikama with rice, sugar and oil each month. It also helps me to control electricity prepayments, since Baluwo manages the purchase directly from my balance. It was actually really hard to control this before.′

Alieu Baldeh (Almeria, Spain)

How to use Baluwo to pre-pay basic essentials in Africa

′Now that my village, Garawoll, is covered by Baluwo, my mind is at ease knowing that my family will not run short of food in the middle of the month. When she needs something, my wife receives a Baluwo PIN directly on her telephone that she can use at a nearby store to collect food.′

Kutubo Kamara (Hamburg, Germany)

How to use Baluwo to pre-pay basic essentials in Africa

′I′m very satisfied with Baluwo and use it every time my wife has no power or mobile minutes, and also to buy food that she can collect soon after. It’s really quick. Sending money home was really difficult because of all the paperwork required by anti-money laundering laws and the exorbitant transfer fees usually charged. But Baluwo is very different.′

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